AWS Color Palette

If you even wondered what is the palette AWS is using in the official diagrams and presentations, below you will find my first attempt of publishing an unofficial color pallete. Unfortunatelly I could not find an official one, if you ever find one please do let me know.

Both the dark and the light palettes are using 4 Background Tones with 2 Foreground Tones each, complemented by 8 Accent Colors. Pretty simple but with a consistent and fascinating effect.

First things first, the dark background palette:

And probably the most used one, the light background palette:

I added the RGB values as well if you ever want to recreate it in OmniGraffle or Visio for you own needs. This is Generic RGB.

I do not yet know the reasons why these specific colors where chosen; I do have the feeling they started with Red 700 as a base Monotone color and worked from there, but this is just a feeling for now.

PS: Please do not ask for an Azure one because I already looked into it and everything is just a mesmerising rainbow there for now.