OverDrive libraries across Melbourne

Not everyone is as lucky to live in Singapore and have access to such an amazing OverDrive collection as National Library Board but this does not mean that us living around Melbourne are that unlucky either.

Melbourne is lucky enough that libraries budget is managed at the city council level giving each group of libraries the power to choose the option they want for the eBooks collection they offer. A significant number of library groups went with OverDrive and being a resident of Victoria does give you the opportunity to sign up with all of these libraries if you wish to.

Below you can find a curated list of libraries with which if you sign up, you get access to their OverDrive collection. Again, every city council will have a different budget and therefore the collection they have will be different, but some of these libraries have a significantly large collection.

As of February 2020:

Eastern Regional Libraries - 62.300+ - erl.overdrive.com

Boroondara Library Service - 21.000+ titles - boroondara.overdrive.com

Yarra Plenty Regional Library - 19.600+ titles - yprl.overdrive.com

Moonee Valley Libraries - 12.700+ titles - mooneevalley.overdrive.com

Brimbank Libraries - 9.500+ titles - brimbanklibraries.overdrive.com

Brimbank Libraries - 9.500+ titles - brimbanklibraries.overdrive.com

Greater Dandenong - 8.900+ titles - greaterdandenong.overdrive.com

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries - 8.400+ titles - wml.overdrive.com

Port Phillip - 6.100+ titles - portphillip.overdrive.com

Maribyrnong Library Service - 2.900+ titles - maribyrnong.overdrive.com

Bayside - 2.400+ titles - baysidelibrary.overdrive.com

Moreland City Libraries - 1.900+ titles - virtualmoreland.overdrive.com

I find it inconvenient that so many libraries cannot together contribute towards the same goal, of having one large OverDrive account, and I do not understand why there are so many accounts and contracts signed with Rakuten, but I guess this is how politics work and we just have to adapt to it.

If you do know any other OverDrive libraries in the area, please let me know in the comments below.